Lock Tile

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Versatile, high-tech, maintenance-free modular flooring.  It is formulated to withstand the daily abuse of even industrial/ commercial applications — including forklift traffic. Install over almost any type of existing floor. Create patterns by mixing the colors.
  • Re-surfaces cracked or chipped floors for added safety
  • No costly installation fees– simply lay down and lock together with a mallet
  • Modular design allows easy replacement of tiles

Applications:  Industrial floors, weight room, golf course, locker rooms, ice rinks, garage floors, warehouses, temporary/portable flooring, showrooms, airplane hanger, wherever a durable floor is needed

Made of:  PVC

Thickness:  5/16″

Weight: 4.85 lbs per tile

Size:  19.5″x19.5″   (2.64 sq ft/tile)

Design:  Round raised embossing on the surface.  Raised grid pattern on the underside.  Sides have a “jigsaw” interlocking system.

Installation:  Loose Lay or adhere down.



Made of: PVC
Design: Interlocking tiles with raised disc embossed surface. Grid pattern underside.
Maintenance: Sweep and/or damp mop with a mild detergent. Make sure water does not seep between tiles.
Installation: (adhesive is recommended in applications where it will be subjects to continuous moisture levels)

For SQUARE rooms:
Mark center of room (discounting minor offsets so that tiles at opposite edges of the room are of equal width). Adjust
accordingly to avoid cuts less than 1/2 tile at room perimeters. Lay down 4 tiles at center mark, square to room axis. A
rubber mallet is needed to connect the tiles. Continue towards walls. To create a flush edge against the wall, cut off the
outer tabs, using a utility knife — or — cut tile to fit.

For IRREGULAR rooms:
Start laying tiles at one corner and work your way through the room. A rubber mallet is needed to connect the tiles. To
create a flush edge against the wall, cut off the outer tabs, using a utility knife — or — cut tile to fit.

Sizes and Weights: 19.5″x19.5″ 4.8 lbs 5/16″ thick (approx)

Resistance: Chemicals and Spillage with 1 hour exposure
Acids: Sulfuric Acid (Conc.) 95% – no effect
Nitric Acid (Conc.) 70% – no effect
Hydrochloric Acid (Conc.) – no effect
Acetic Acid (Conc.) – no effect
Alkalis: Sodium Hydroxide (50%) – no effect
Alcohol: Methyl Alcohol – no effect
Aromatics: Xylene – no effect
Cresol – no effect
Alphatics: Kerosene – very slight surface dulling
Chloroform – surface dulling, surface attack
Ketones and Esters: Acetone – surface dulling, surface attack
Methyl Ethyl Ketone – surface attack
Miscellaneous: Silver Nitrate – very slight surface dulling
Formaldehyde – no effect
10% Betadine – no effect
Clorox – no effect

– Passes ASTM E 662-93 Specific Optical Density of Smoke Generated by Solid Materials, also referenced as NFPA 258
– AATCC Test Method 134-1991 Electrostatic Propensity of Carpets
– ASTM E 648-94A Critical Radiant Flux of Floor covering Systems using a Radiant Heat Energy Source, also referred as NFPA
253 and FTM standard 372
– ASTM-C 1028-84 Static Coefficient of Friction
– Golf Spike Resistance Test 25,000 Cycles – Appearance rated good
– Surface Flammability of Carpets and Rugs CPSC FF-170
Physical Properties:
– Hardness – ASTM 2240 (Shore A) 87 or -5
– Moisture Absorption – ASTM-0471 Less than 0.3% by weight (72 hours @ 70ºF)
– Specific Gravity ( or -.02) ASTM D-792 1.37
– Tensile Strength (PSI) ASTM D-412 2700
– 100% Modulus (PSI) ASTM D-412 2200

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Black, Gray


19.5" x 19.5" Tile