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What is the common thread for our Matrix Series Matting?  Extreme slip resistance and safety! This series is on the approved product list of major hotel/restaurant chains, and approved by workman’s compensation providers because it reduces injuries and work-related losses.  Grip Rock is the standard and suits most situations.  Grip Rock Freezer can withstand the rigors of a freezer environment best.  Super G is best for environments where oil/grease are present.  Comfort Grip Rock and Comfort Super G has an anti-fatigue feature for employee comfort.

This non-slip matting promotes safety – to maintain employee performance, decrease injury related time off, workers compensation claims, and accident related litigation.  Designed for use in areas where aesthetics are a concern.

  • Made with crushed garnet and ceramic beads for secure footing
  • Backing restricts creeping / Tough but lightweight
  • Low profile eliminates tripping hazard and allows it to be placed under thresholds
  • Resists fungal & bacterial growth

Applications:  Where slip resistance and aesthetics are a concern; Buffet line, Ice machine / Beverage stations, Industrial wet areas, etc.

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Thickness:  1/8″

Size:   (custom cut lengths available – contact our customer service dept for pricing and to place order)

Standard Sizes – 3×5′, 3×10′, 3×15′, 3×20′, 3×25′, 3×30′, 3×40′

Design:  Highly textured/abrasive surface

Installation:  Loose Lay or Adhere down*

* Unbacked version allows mat to be glued down for a more permanent application.  Commonly used in such situations as incline ramps, stair treads, marine docks, construction walkways, or even amusement ride walkways.  The cementing technique is similar to that of linoleum sheets or tile.

  Brownish overall color / Speckled

  • Coefficient of Friction Test National Floor Safety Institute NFSI 101-A Test Method- SCOF value high than 0.6, therefore designated as high traction product.
  • Bactericide-Fungicide Test ASTM G-21- No growth of bacteria or fungus during testing.
  • Robinson Wheel Test ASTM C 627-84 – Test for long term life.  Excellent results with negligible wear.
  • Fire Ignition & Self Extinguishing Test US Navy 6411; Fed. Standard 501 – and tests aboard carrier USS Forrestal.  Better than required for shipboard use.
  • High Hardness – Grip Rock – Will cut glass- Mohs Scale 7.5 .
  • Ceramic Crush Strength- 10,000 p.s.i.
  • Chemical Spill Tests – In an accelerated test chamber, over 2,000 tests were conducted with specific chemicals and conditions found in commercial kitchens and industrial environments.  This mat has shown to be resistant to most industrial and commercial kitchen chemicals.
  • Other- Grip Rock is on the approved list of major hotel and restaurant chains.

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3 ' x 5', 3' x 10', 3' x 15', 3' x 20', 3' x 25', 3' x 30', 3' x 40'